AWS Credit up to $100k for free in 2020

There are several ways to get free AWS Credits in 2020, You can get upto $100k and AWS credits are the best way to save your AWS bill. Essentially these credits may come from coupon code formats and also credits may applied directly to your account.

So, Curious to get free AWS Credit? Lets begin.

Before proceeding, take a look at Cloudways $45 to unlimited Credit for Free in 2020 which can also be of use to you.

AWS Activate Program

AWS Activate is a free program provided by Amazon for startups and Entrepreneurs, Hence you can get Upto $100k AWS Credits by this program. With AWS Activate, startups have access to the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS-including credits, technical support and training.

Hence to join this program there are two Methods available:

Method 1:

Fill up and submit the form in AWS Activate Providers

Method 2:

Participate in Startup programs, Events and conference like Techstars for startups can get you AWS credits. In order to be awarded the credits, you’ll have to provide proof that you actually attended. Also have a look at the AWS Events and Webinars Page for more info

Types of AWS Activate programs

AWS Activate has 2 Programs which is individually designed for funded or non-funded startups.

  • For Funded Program you can get upto $10,000 AWS Credit for 2 years
  • For Portfolio Program you can get upto $100,000 AWS Credit for 1 years

For more details visit Official AWS Activate page

AWS Credit for Alexa Skill

For Each Alexa Skill you publish (for Developers), You can receive $100 AWS Promotional Credit for each Publish, So don’t wait take advantage of these credit

Non-Profit AWS Credit Program

Non-Profit Startups can get upto $2,000 AWS Credit for 12 months, through TechSoup, Which is only for Eligible nonprofit organizations.

AWS EdStart

The AWS EdStart is a AWS educational technology (EdTech) startup accelerator, It is designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics and campus management solutions in the AWS Cloud. The program is designed to allow EdTech startups to move faster with specially tailored benefits.

AWS is looking to provide businesses with the resources they need to get started as quickly and easily on AWS to ensure that they have every opportunity to prosper. After application and approval, the companies will receive the validation of their credit. The amount of credit awarded is based on the needs of the business.

Free Tier in AWS

AWS also provides Free Tier for 12 months to new users, Where they can use limited number of services from AWS for absolutely free, Have a look at AWS free Tier Page for full details.

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